The West Coast Camp Leaders


The team that forms The Camp Collective is a group of photographers of all different backgrounds. Their shared common thread is a love of community, art and the outdoors. Here is the team that will be leading The West Coast Camp 2018.


Sara Rogers / Camp Director

British Columbia


Sara lives in North Vancouver with her husband Jaimie and pug, Madeline. She's often found travelling the globe in search of adventure, with camera gear close at hand.  Sara has a passion for the great outdoors and can be found hiking in her spare time. Some fitting descriptors of Sara include: Potterhead, tea drinker, waterfall chaser and dim-sum fan.

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Tara Lilly / Camp Director

British Columbia


Tara Lilly is a photographer with ginger hair and a gypsy soul. She loves to travel and live in a van every chance she gets. Tara believes that life is better outdoors, and loves when trees and mountains make her feel small. She's most comfortable barefoot with messy hair. Tara is a dreamer, animal lover, and life chat enthusiast.

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Shari + Mike / Camp Counsellors

British Columbia


We are Shari + Mike. We have been married since 2005, before Instagram + Pinterest even existed. We both grew up on the prairies and now live by the ocean + mountains. Getting to call Vancouver home for the past 9 years has truly inspired us. It has taught us to dream bigger, to drink good coffee, to explore, to support local, to connect with like minded people, and to go after the things that were created deep within us. Oh and that beards are so much more than a face warmer. According to Mrs. Myers + Briggs we are complete opposites in personality but thankfully we share many passions. Like travelling the world, shooting weddings, playing sports, and most importantly being parents to our adorable womb nugget, August Grey.

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Angela Ruscheinski of Blush Photography / Camp Counsellor

British Columbia


Angela Ruscheinski of Blush Photography is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Vancouver, BC. For her, the landscape is the backdrop but the connection is the focus and ultimate impact.  When she is not shooting weddings she is usually ferociously settings goals, doing headstands, drinking the wine, eating the cheese and chasing around her toddler. Her current goals include shooting an elopement at Burning Man and a wild and tacky Vegas wedding where Elvis is the officiant. If she wasn't a photographer she would have been a yoga teacher, florist or an astronaut. 

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Nisha Ravji / Camp Counsellor

New Zealand + British Columbia


Hello everyone ,I’m Nisha! I’m okay with saying that I’m new here, freshly hailing from New Zealand and arriving on your poutine filled shores. I am a board games enthusiast, collector of excessive stationery, my love language is gift giving, I have a kick ass husband named Todd, my dream dog to own is a corgi and I am a wedding photographer! I’ve been living mostly in Europe for the past few years but this year have made the move to what is possibly the friendliest and most nature-filled country on the planet, CANADA! Wedding photography has been my jam for five years now and it’s taught me a lot about myself and also my connections with other people. I am lucky enough to shoot two seasons annually in both hemispheres and I’m probably too passionate about making new friends everywhere I go. 

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Erin Bishop of Filosophi Events / Day Counsellor

British Columbia

Bio-Erin-AdamandKev Photography_preview.jpeg

Erin Bishop is an award winning event planner and the owner of Filosophi Events, a planning and design firm known for their off the beaten path approach to weddings and event design.  Erin will be joining us to talk about working with wedding planners, as well as setting up and creating imagery for styled shoots.  She will also be setting up a few styled shoots of her own the attendees can practice on.

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