The Rockies Camp Leaders


The team that forms The Camp Collective is a group of photographers of all different backgrounds. Their shared common thread is a love of community, art and the outdoors. Here are the Counsellors that will be leading The Rockies Camp 2017.



Cole Hofstra

Cole Hofstra, a man living in a constant struggle between the love of photography, travel, and coffee.  Sometimes with the twinkle of a star all three collide, thus creating pure bliss and newborn puppies.  Laughter and a big personality is an accurate way to describe Cole behind the camera and in everyday life.  He loves new challenges and that feeling it gives you in your gut of being a little scared (it means your doing something right).

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British Columbia

Sara Rogers

Sara lives in North Vancouver with her husband Jaimie and pug, Madeline. She's often found travelling the globe in search of adventure, with camera gear close at hand.  Sara has a passion for the great outdoors and can be found hiking in her spare time. Some fitting descriptors of Sara include: Potterhead, tea drinker, waterfall chaser and dim-sum fan.  One of the Co-creators of The Camp Collective, Sara is pasionate about education and bringing together people within the photography community.

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Dave Moss

Dave makes his home in Calgary with his partner, Abby, and best friend, Bowen. He'd rather have a warm drink over a cold one most days, but there is a soft spot in his heart for beer and whisky. If life was perfect Dave would live in a log cabin in the forest where he can hike and be near water, but those woods would need to be really close to a city so he could go and enjoy the art and culture that a city brings. His current passion is trying to connect honestly with everyone he meets, while becoming the best version of himself.

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Abby Taylor 

Abby Taylor is a wedding photographer with her husband Dave in Calgary, AB. She’s also a certified Qigong practitioner and she recently completed a yoga teachers training in India earlier this year. Last year she facilitated at an Ayahuasca Healing Centre for two months in Peru shortly after attending a 10 Vipassana Meditation. While she loves photography, she has been feeling called to explore the world of consciousness and healing and that is where most of her focus has been. She loves connecting with people and helping them explore the depths within themselves.

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Dana Cole


Climbing trees. Stopping traffic. Even laying in puddles. Dana Cole believes the key to success as a wedding photographer is to adapt, be aware – and do what it takes to get the shot. Dana’s love of life and sense of adventure shine through in her work, as she finds the moments that help to truly define her clients’ weddings as unforgettable experiences. Combine a fine eye with a sweet tooth, and you’ve got a wedding photographer who isn’t ashamed to admit she’s gone home with a few pieces of leftover wedding cake. Dana is a part time photographer living in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and their fur children. 

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Emilie Iggiotti


Emilie is a realist and a romantic – which shines through in every portrait she makes. Living for creativity and connection, she collects friends wherever she goes from her homeland, Reunion Island, to France, and from Italy to Canada. Her easy laugh, her potty mouth, and her endless ingenuity invite authenticity and vulnerability, which bleeds into her photographic style. You can often find Emilie in a comfy sweater curled up with one of her fat, furry cats sipping coffee and cussing at pretentious Instagram feeds.

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