The Great Lakes Camp Leaders


The team that forms The Camp Collective is a group of photographers of all different backgrounds. Their shared common thread is a love of community, art and the outdoors. Here is the team that will be leading The Great Lakes Camp 2018.


Frances Beatty / Camp Director



Frances Beatty is a photographer with a fine art background and a serious soft spot for wide open spaces, the wind on her face, salt water and wandering barefoot. Frances believes the northern lights are magic, in giving bear hugs, in living white hot and passionately, and
making things by hand. She is a firm believer that you can make friends with salad and carves wooden spoons for a good time. If you're not careful, she'll read Roald Dahl to you over a classic Negroni or a craft cider.

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Tara Lilly / Camp Director

British Columbia


Tara Lilly is a photographer with ginger hair and a gypsy soul. She loves to travel and live in a van every chance she gets. Tara believes that life is better outdoors, and loves when trees and mountains make her feel small. She's most comfortable barefoot with messy hair. Tara is a dreamer, animal lover, and life chat enthusiast.

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TJ Tindale / Camp Counsellor



Hey, I’m TJ! I have lived in Toronto most of my life, but have recently moved to a small town to live a slower life. What gets me up in the morning is my little son, Oakley yelling for my wife and I to start the day! Photography has been a part of my life for over 10 years. It started with shooting skateboarding for companies and magazines, and has now brought me to where I am today, shooting weddings locally and globally. When I am not shooting weddings, I love to cold water surf the Great Lakes, jump on a skateboard, or take it easy hanging with my little family.

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Liat Aharoni / Camp Counsellor



I'm a photographer who specializes in capturing unconventional weddings and surreal portraiture. I'm constantly curious and love exploring the outdoors. I love the feeling that comes from walking off the beaten path. I have a playful and explorative nature and am always seeking a sense of wonderment, which is convenient since I'm easily amazed by pretty much anything beyond the ordinary. I have an unbridled passion for exotic fruits and love trying to grow them in Canada. Currently experimenting with figs, loquats and avocados! My kryptonite is Indian food (paneer makhani for the win! 

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Jennifer Van Son / Camp Counsellor


Mckenzie James / Day Counsellor



Hi Friends, I’m Jen!  I live near Toronto with my husband, 5 year old twins, and a hyperactive mutt-dog.  When I’m not photographing weddings & families I can be found on a patio with friends, having water fights with my kids, or watching The Office for the 80’th time.  I’m originally from Western Alberta and am happiest in the great wide open where I can see big stretches of sky, prairie, mountains, or desert.
I’ve had the pleasure of photographing both local and destination weddings for nearly 7 years.  After a 3 year break from photographing families I’m back to working with them in a more documentary-style capacity.  I’m so excited to be part of the Camp Collective this year so I can share my love of photography in a setting that I love so much (yay summer camp!).  Can’t wait!

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Erik Zijdemans / Day Counsellor



Erik Zijdemans is a startup business coach from the Netherlands. With a background in engineering and entrepreneurship, he loves tackling complex problems. He is passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and he loves finding new ways to merge art with business. He recently moved from Denmark to Colombia to help build a new startup ecosystem and hunt down the perfect empanada. Curious at heart, Erik loves exploring new places and learning new skills. He can’t sit still, so when he’s not gallivanting around the world, he likes gardening, baking, or adventuring with his girlfriend and cat.

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Mckenzie James is an emerging Canadian photographer with a passion for editorial photography. Inspired by the classic black and white photographers, he took up photography at age 14, eventually leading him to study fine art at the Ontario College of Art and Design. He currently lives and works in Toronto, actively participating in the up and coming fashion industry.

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