A Camp For Photographers.

Three days of boundary-pushing creative challenges, hands-on learning, community building and summer camp fun.  Part workshop, part retreat, and part outdoor school, it’s a unique kind of photography experience.  We’ll get you motivated to push through creative ruts, give you the tools to jump start your business and inspire you with new techniques.  You’ll end up leaving camp with new friends, tips and tricks to use in the field, fun memories and the smell of campfire on your clothes.  Come get weird in the woods with us!


The West Coast Camp // The Rockies Camp // The Great Lakes Camp


What is Camp?  See for yourself!


Different than a Conference or a Workshop

The Experience

Remember attending camp when you were young? (or maybe you never got the chance but always wanted to go?)  Camp was about having fun, meeting others and getting into nature.  We thought those elements would make a great recipe for creative growth.  We're going to give you that same camp experience but tailor it to photographers and creatives, plus we're adding in awesome lodgings, amazing food, and beer; a camp for grown-ups if you will.  Find out more


OCTOBER 15-18, 2018
Muskoka, Ontario

Photo by: Tara Lilly

Photo by: Tara Lilly


What do we do at camp?

& Challenges

We have organized the 3 days into a series of group activities, team building exercises, and creative challenges.  There will also be some free time for you to get to know one another and build a sense of community.  We hope you will leave newly inspired and ready to take on the rest of the year! Here's just a few of the things we do, if you want to know more you have to experience it!

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Away from the smog in cities, our hearts are drawn west, where the only dust is earth, and the only barrier is the sky. Head west for the silence that roars from a wild heart.
— Lily Moon River