Camper Feature // Kaoverii Silva

Camper Features are where you can get to know a little more about the photographers attending our Camps. Our next Camp is The West Coast Camp on Bowen Island June 16-29th. 

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Today's Featured Camper is Kaoverii Silva



Favourite landscape to photograph: Anywhere that’s got a gorgeous sunset.

Most commonly used lens: Sigma 50mm

Two words to describe my style: Embracing the awkwardness (oops 3 words)

Blog post:…/sophisticated-black-and-whit…/

Career Goal: kicking ass at balancing life and work while having lots of fun!

Superpower: It’s a toss up between, having the power to eat as much as I want and never get a stomach ache Or the power to repel mosquitos for life.

See you at Camp!
-Tara & Sara

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